City Government Buildings

The Civic Center campus is located between Highways 169 and 100, one block north of the Highway 55/Winnetka Avenue intersection and east on Golden Valley Road. It is home to City Hall and the Public Safety and Public Works buildings.

City Hall

City Hall houses the City Council Chambers and a number of meeting rooms. It also houses the following City Departments:

  • Administrative Services
  • City Manager
  • Communications
  • Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV)
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Physical Development (Economic Development, Engineering, Inspections, Planning)

Public Safety Building

Located directly across from City Hall, the Public Safety building houses the Police Department and Fire Department (Station One).


Tours of the Police Department and Fire Station are available for groups (for example, Scouts, after-school and pre-school programs, Neighborhood Watch, etc). Please schedule tours at least two to three weeks in advance.

Public Works Buildings

Just north of the City Hall and Public Safety building are Public Works facilities housing Park Maintenance, Street Maintenance, Utilities Maintenance, and Vehicle Maintenance.

Brookview Golden Valley

Brookview Golden Valley is located between Highway 55 and Interstate 394, just west of Winnetka Ave via Brookview Parkway, Winnetka Avenue, or Wayzata Boulevard. It is home to Parks & Recreation, the Brookview Backyard indoor play area, Bookview Golf & Lawn Bowling, Brookview Events & Celebrations, and Three One Six Bar + Grill.

Additional Community Facilities