Local Speed Limit Reduction

During its 2019 special session the Minnesota State Legislature adopted a bill that allows limited authority to cities to set speed limits on streets under their jurisdiction. The legislation allows cities to maintain a statutory 30 miles per hour (mph) speed limit on roadways within an urban district, adopt a 25 mph statutory speed limit on residential streets, and/or adopt other speed limits on roadways under their jurisdiction after the appropriate level of engineering study, implementation planning, and public education are performed.

Neighboring cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul have adopted polices to reduce speed limits on most local streets to 20 mph. The City of St. Louis Park is working to adopt a similar policy but would categorize streets based on traffic volume, with the less busy streets being 20 mph and the busier streets 30 or 35 mph.

  1. Virtual Open House
  2. Eligibility
  3. Determining the Right Speed Limits

Virtual Open House

The City asked residents to watch the virtual open house and provide feedback via survey; to learn more, View the Survey Results (PDF).

If you have immediate questions, contact the City's Engineering Department at 763-583-8030 or by email