Home Ownership Program For Equity (HOPE)

Golden Valley's Home Ownership Program for Equity (HOPE) makes city-owned vacant property available for the development of housing for affordable and equitable homeownership. The goal is to help reduce racial disparity in homeownership, build wealth, provide long-term affordability, and support Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (owned, operated, employed, contracted, subcontracted).

Through its Public Land Disposition Policy, the City provides a land write-down as an incentive for development of homes affordable at less than 115 percent of Area Median Income (AMI), with a priority for affordability at 80 percent or 60 percent of AMI. Priority is given to proposals from organizations with demonstrated success in building relationships of trust with Black, Indigenous, and people of color and in serving first generation homebuyers.

(for owner-occupied housing)

Percentage of 
Area Medium Income (AMI)
Income Limit
50% $59,100
60% $71,000
80% $94,600
100% $118,200
115% $136,000

HOPE Properties - Noise and Air PollutionPollution Concerns

The map shows (click to enlarge):

  • locations for the seven HOPE homes as well as recently constructed market rate homes that are adjacent to highways and the railway
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Air Quality scores for areas in Golden Valley within 0.3 miles of a highway

Air quality near highways is a legitimate concern, as pollutants along busy highways may be higher than the community as a whole. In Golden Valley, 54 percent of households fall within 0.3 miles of a highway. Golden Valley's MPCA air quality scores are between 1.5 and 2.2 from a statewide range of 0 to 21.0. The MPCA has found no pollutants in Golden Valley to be above the health benchmark during periods surveyed.

More Information 

HOPE Properties For Development 2023–2024

  • 1611 Lilac Opens in new window.68 Acres / 29,489 SQ FT 
  • Off Highway 100, North of Golden Valley Road
  • Staff Recommends 4 Townhomes
  • Title, zoning, and platting will be done by the City 

HOPE Properties For Development 2022-2023

  • Square feet: 22,6562415 Douglas Dr N Opens in new window
  • Zoned R-2, Moderate Density Residential
  • Supports single-family, duplex, rowhouse, residential facility
  • Subdividable for two single family homes
  • May be suitable for two to four town homes or row homes (24-foot width requirement for row homes)
  • City sidewalk may require ROW dedication/easement

Funding Priorities & Project Requirements

Funded projects must result in homes that:

  • are residential in nature and address the housing needs of underserved populations 
  • are occupied by eligible homebuyers or homeowners and provide long-term housing affordability
  • are affordable to the local workforce and proximate to jobs, transportation, schools, and services 
  • reduce racial disparities in homeownership and build wealth and equity
  • leverage for other financial and in-kind investments

Project Selection Standards

To be considered for funding, applicants must also:

  • demonstrate project feasibility regarding economic viability
  • demonstrate organizational capacity to successfully complete housing projects
  • address Golden Valley's defined community need for affordable home ownership opportunity
  • feature high-quality construction and universal design
  • meet code compliance and visitability and/or accessibility criteria
  • demonstrate energy efficiency (Minnesota Overlay of Green Communities Criteria and Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Homes Program)
  • incorporate fair housing and affirmative marketing
  • meet reporting and compliance requirements