2040 Comprehensive Plan

2040 Comprehensive PlanEvery 10 years, the City of Golden Valley updates the long-term vision for the community's future to incorporate new census data, projections for population and employment growth, and community preferences. The 2040 Comprehensive Plan was crafted in 2016 to 2018 with the input of residents, businesses, City Commissions, and the City Council.

The statements below emerged from these conversations and helped guide the formation of new goals and objectives.

Golden Valley should:

  • support a dynamic town center
  • showcase the city as a "green" community by:
    • preserving parks and nature areas
    • embracing sustainability
  • emphasize all aspects of a multi-modal transportation system
  • ensure policies, procedures, and decisions are inclusive by:
    • supporting racial, cultural, and economic diversity
    • accommodating the needs of an aging population
  • make important investments in infrastructure

2040 Comprehensive Plan

The Planning Commission and City Council held public hearings on the draft document in November and December 2018. On January 22, 2020, the Metropolitan Council formally approved the City's plan, which will now help guide policy makers and staff as they create annual work plans and draft action items to fulfill the broader goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan.