Crime Statistics & Police Policies

The Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) strives to maintain a transparent and openGVPD Window relationship with community members. This information outlines GVPD training policies and procedures (such as conflict management, bias training, and use of force), activity, and crime in Golden Valley, and there are plans to add more categories.

Each category summarizes data for the week or month listed. View the report for more detailed information.

Crime Statistics (February 12–18, 2024)

Weekly reports will be updated every Wednesday by noon. Monthly reports will be updated by the fifth of every month. 

Note: Golden Valley Police Department has contracted with Hennepin County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) for some shifts. 

GVPD & HCSO Reports 

The Activity Report below includes information from GVPD and HCSO.

GVPD Reports 

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Police Policies