City Manager

Golden Valley is a Statutory "Plan B" city, with a part-time Mayor and City Council empowered by law to legislate city-wide policy. 

The City Manager, appointed by the City Council, serves as the executive officer in charge of administering all City business and implementing Council policies and directives.

The City Clerk provides services that support the City Council, City Manager, and local residents and businesses. This includes managing:

  • agendas and minutes
  • elections
  • business licenses
  • legal notices
  • official records
  • data requests
  1. Tim Cruikshank

    City Manager

  1. Theresa Schyma

    City Clerk

Information Technology Services

Information Technology provides systems administration, technology project management, mentoring, training, and technical expertise to all City departments. It also manages the City’s computer, telephone, security, and network systems.