Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation manages the use of all City recreation facilities, including:

  • parks and playgrounds
  • picnic shelters
  • tennis and pickleball courts
  • skating rinks and warming houses
  • ballfields and soccer fields
  • outdoor pub curling, the Backyard indoor playground, and event facilities at Brookview Golden Valley
  • Brookview Golf & Lawn Bowling

Parks & Recreation also develops and facilitates a variety of recreation programs and events for people of all ages, ranging from athletics to arts.

  1. Rick Birno

    Director of Parks & Recreation
    Phone: 763-512-2342

  1. Brian Erickson

    Recreation Supervisor
    Phone: 763-512-2366

  1. John Stutzman

    Recreation Supervisor
    Phone: 763-512-2340

  1. Greg Simmons

    Recreation and Facilities Supervisor
    Phone: 763-512-2367

  1. Kailyn Backus

    Events Coordinator
    Phone: 763-512-2364

  1. Madeline Champa

    Recreation Coordinator
    Phone: 763-512-2341

  1. Sheila Van Sloun

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 763-512-2347