Apply To Serve

To apply for a Board or Commission fill out an application online.

Questions? Contact Melissa Croft at 763-593-3980 or via email.

As a general guideline, each board or commission should be comprised of a diverse population representing a wide range of groups and interests.

Members must be Golden Valley residents but need not have expertise in any particular area. Willingness to serve and be involved are the most important attributes of members.

The City Council will not consider applications for appointment to any board or commission from City of Golden Valley employees, including full-time, part-time, seasonal temporary, part-time, paid-on-call firefighters or contract employees if such appointment could cause a conflict of interest.

Anyone already holding an elective county, state, or federal office shall not be eligible to serve on any citizen board or commission.

No commission or board member may enter into a contractual agreement with the City during term of serving, or for a period of one year following service, unless authorized by Minnesota Statutes 471.88.

No commission or board member may use his or her position to secure special privilege or exemption for themselves or others, or act in any manner that would give the appearance of, or result in, any impropriety or conflict of interest. Board and commission members are also governed by the Golden Valley Guiding Principles adopted by the Council.