Resilience & Sustainability

Resilience is the capacity to respond, adapt, and thrive under changing conditions such as weather- and climate-related events. This includes planning for climate variations and environmental threats, improved health and well-being of residents, and economic strength and diversity.

Sustainability aims to meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations. It focuses on three key factors--environmental, economic, and social. Incorporating sustainability into planning ensures future residents of Golden Valley will have the resources they need to survive and prosper.

Resilience & Sustainability Plan

To ensure it will survive and thrive under these chronic stresses and extreme events, the City of Golden Valley developed a sustainability and resilience plan as part of its 2040 Comprehensive Plan update. Consideration of the community's vulnerabilities will strengthen Golden Valley's ability to prepare for and respond to climate impacts.

Sustainability & Resilience Resources for Residents, Businesses, & Organizations

Accomplishing the City's sustainability goals and building a more resilient community is going to take a community-wide effort. Learn more about how you can be more sustainable in your home and at your business and how you can be better prepared for climate change's impacts.

GreenStep Cities

GreenStep Cities is a free, voluntary program facilitated by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency that evaluates cities' progress towards sustainability goals.

Golden Valley became Minnesota's 105th GreenStep City in June 2016, joining the effort to make Minnesota more sustainable and resilient. Actions taken and recorded within the program focus on a wide range of topics, from installing efficient outdoor lighting and traffic signals to implementing best practices for natural resource management.

How is Golden Valley doing when it comes to sustainability efforts like efficient building practices, land use, and economic development? How does it measure up to other Minnesota cities? Check out Golden Valley's GreenStep Cities page to find out.

Hennepin County Climate Action Plan

Learn more about the Hennepin County Climate Action Plan.