Medley Park Stormwater Improvement Project

The Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission (BCWMC), in partnership with the City of Golden Valley, is studying options for providing stormwater improvements in the western portion of Medley Park to benefit the surrounding area and protect and improve downstream waters like Medicine Lake.

Medley Park Stormwater Improvement Project Map

The study will include opportunities for community engagement and outreach to better understand existing conditions, issues, and needs, and to help develop concept plans for consideration by the BCWMC.

Project Purpose

Primary benefits include:

  • improving the water quality of Medicine Lake and nearby surface waters
  • reducing flood damage to homes and infrastructure
  • protecting public health and safety
  • preserving economic value

Additional benefits include:

  • improving ecological diversity and wildlife habitat, including pollinators
  • enhancing active and passive recreation opportunities
  • providing educational opportunities to park users


  • Nov 2020: Virtual Open House and Survey
    • Watch the open house and see survey results below.
  • April 2021: Present concept plans for public review and comment
    • See comments in Community Input Report below.
  • May-June 2021: BCWMC considers approval of feasibility report
  • June 2021: Feasibility Study was approved
  • Winter 2021/22: Project design and prepare plans and specifications for project bidding in summer 2022
  • March 2022: Open House (watch for invite in early 2022)
  • Fall 2022: Construction begins
  • 2023: Restoration and landscaping

Community Input

Project Partners


Email Eric Eckman or call at 763-593-8084.