Energy Resources For Businesses

As of 2019, the largest consumer of electricity (76 percent) and natural gas (58 percent) in Golden Valley comes from the commercial sector. Golden Valley is committed to working with businesses to reduce their energy consumption to meet the emissions reductions goals outlined in the City’s Energy Action Plan.

The gv-energy hero-hero-07majority of gas and electricity consumption in Golden Valley comes from the commercial sector. Connecting with local businesses to make energy improvements will lead to significant reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in the City.

The Energy Hero Recognition Program acknowledges local businesses for taking steps to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy usage, increase renewable generation, or other practices that contribute to the City’s goals outlined in its Energy Action Plan.

Apply For Recognition

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Businesses can apply to the program on the City website or in person at City Hall.

Approved businesses will receive window clings to display, their name listed below, and other marketing material for advertisement on business website and social media pages.

Energy Hero Businesses

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