Public Art

To enhance and enrich Golden Valley's public environment for its residents, businesses, and visitors, the City developed a program to encourage collaborative projects and provide a mechanism for including public art throughout the community.

Public art, whether owned by the City or not, could include sculpture, murals, fountains, statues, or other form of two- or three-dimensional work in any physical medium appropriate for the location.

All public art must meet criteria outlined in the  City's Public Art Policy (PDF). This includes review against adopted and standardized criteria, approval, and formal acceptance by the City for installation in or on public locations (e.g., publicly owned buildings, publicly owned land, or other locations leased or provided to the City through donation, easement, or other means).

Public Art Process

Selection of public art selection is managed in cooperation with Golden Valley Arts (GVA), a nonprofit organization that provides funding and leadership to stimulate and advance the arts throughout Golden Valley.

GVA will solicit and develop proposals for public art, secure and develop funding, and evaluated submitted art for approved by the City Council.

Each public art proposal will be announced to the public at a regular City Council meeting and then made available for public review and comment for a minimum of 30 days.

Current Installations

  1. Rotating Art Installations
  2. Artistic Representation of Golden Valley
  3. City Street Banners
  4. Central Park West Sculpture
  5. Peace Pole