Envision Golden Valley

A Shared Vision For Golden Valley's Future

Hundreds of Golden Valley residents spoke in-depth about their hopes for the community through surveys, focus groups, and brainstorming sessions. What emerged were themes that express the American Dream and call for renewal of the suburban ideal. A vision intended to inspire citizens and empower creative participation. 

2030 Comprehensive Plan

Over the years, City officials have used these results to guide decision-making and planning in six overlapping categories: development, transportation, community engagement, environment, recreation, and government. Envision results also influenced the goals, policies, and objectives outlined in the City's 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

Envision Connection Project

To help residents, businesses, and institutions come together to make their visions for the community a reality, the City Council created a board of community members to encourage efforts that improve the city and connect the community. Many of the Board's initiatives have become ongoing City and community events and/or programs. Examples include the Envision Award, which recognizes citizens who exemplify the Envision qualities and work to make the community a better place, and the annual Ice Cream social.