Utility Billing

City utility bills (not to be confused with private utility bills), include charges for water usage, sanitary sewer, street lights, storm drainage, and recycling.

Utility Billing: Moving In & Moving Out

Moving In

Customers moving into the city must contact utility billing at 763-593-8016 to set up an account. Note: New customers must wait for their first bill to arrive by mail before setting up an online account.

Moving Out (Final Meter Reading)

Anywhere from four weeks to two days before closing, fill out the Final Meter Reading For Closing Bill (PDF) form and submit it in person, by mail, or by email at finance@goldenvalleymn.gov and provide name(s), phone number, and a forwarding address for your final bill.

Paying Your Bill

Residential utility bills cover three months and are mailed quarterly. Commercial, industrial, and multi-family utility bills are sent monthly. You can pay online, by mail, or in person.


Visit our Online Bill Pay Portal. No fees, it's free! View or pay bill online anytime. Multiple payment options available. Pay multiple accounts in one transaction. Sign up for email or text reminders.

By Mail Or In Person

Tear off the top half of your bill and mail it to the City of Golden Valley (see address on the right side of the bill) or put it in the drop box located near the front door of City Hall along with a check or cash (no credit cards). Payment must be received on or before the date listed (postmark date is not acceptable) to avoid a 10 percent penalty fee.

Delinquent Utility Bill Assessments

Residents who don't pay their City utility bills are charged an administrative fee, which is added to the amount owed and certified to their property tax bills as a special assessment. Certification occurs at a public hearing in October for bills delinquent more than 45 days.

For more information about utility bill assessment, call the City Finance Department at 763-593-8013.

Understanding Your Bill

The information in the "Account Summary" box on your bill is an itemized report of the amount you owe:

  • Billing: This is the amount of your last utility bill. If your bill is higher this time, you are using more water
    • Errors: If errors are discovered from your meter read, Minn. Stat. §444.075, subd. 3 requires the City to impose “just and equitable charges for the use” and availability of metered water. Minn. Stat. §541.05, subd. 1 allows the City to go back up to six years to correct billing errors. Minn. Stat. §216B.098 outlines terms of the payback period for customers. 
  • Payments: This is the amount you paid on your last bill. More than likely, you have paid the bill in full and your payment will be equal to your previous bill
  • Adjustments and Penalties: If there are any adjustments to your bill, or if you were late with your last payment, the amount you are penalized or credited will show up here
  • Balance Forward: This is the total amount due since your previous bill, including payments, adjustments or penalties
  • Current Charges: This is the amount you owe for current services used
  • Total Amount Due: This is the amount you need to pay by the due date printed on your bill