Sanitary Sewer

Anything that goes down an indoor drain in your home or building enters Golden Valley's sanitary sewer system. These pipes carry wastewater from homes and businesses to the Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is located on the Mississippi River in St Paul and which treats wastewater for the seven county metropolitan area.

Maintaining the Public Sewer System

Golden Valley's 120 miles of sanitary sewer system consists of gravity pipes (trunk lines and lateral lines) and force mains (lift station discharge pipes) buried 5 to 50 feet underground. The City also operates and maintains four lift stations that pump waste to a higher elevation to continue on in the gravity system.

The City cleans or televises about 40 miles of sanitary sewer each year, completely cleaning or inspecting the entire public system every three years. Twice a year, the City also cleans approximately 3.5 miles of sewer lines that service restaurants in Golden Valley.

Each year the City also evaluates the condition of utility pipes in its current Pavement Management Program (street reconstruction) areas and repairs and replaces pipe as needed.

Property Owners' Responsibilities

Property owners are responsible for cleaning, maintaining, and repairing their sewer service (from their homes or businesses to the sewer main), including the connection at the main. Visit the Maintaining Your Underground Utilities page to learn more. 

Many sewer problems can be avoided through regular maintenance. If you have your sewer service cleaned and had roots removed, please notify the Public Works Department. Roots often travel downstream to a manhole where they can cause a back-up to the main line.

Cross Connections

Property owners are also responsible for making sure sump pumps, foundation drains, and roof gutter downspouts, are not connected to the sanitary sewer system. To monitor this, the City mandates a sanitary sewer inspection before a home goes up for sale.

Sewer Back-Ups

Please call the Public Works Department whenever your sewer service is backed up. Public Works personnel will respond 24 hours a day. If it is determined that the blockage is not in the City main line, Public Works personnel will instruct you to call a plumber about removing the blockage from your service. If your sewer is backing up when there are not faucets running or toilets flushed, the back-up may be in the City sewer main.

Who to Call

  • During regular hours (Monday through Friday, 7 am to 3:30 pm), contact Public Works/Utilities Maintenance by calling 763-593-8030.
  • After hours/weekends, call the City at 763-593-8079; there is no charge for this 24-hour service.

Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) in Sewers

Congealed FOG coats the surface of manholes, pipes, and pumping stations. Blockages then cause sewage spills, manhole overflows, and sewage backups in homes, businesses, and local waterways, potentially causing a loss of business and severe public health impacts. Golden Valley is one of many cities with ordinances and regulations to control the release of FOG into the sewer system.

Other items you should never put down your drain include:

  • diapers
  • feminine hygiene products
  • Tissues
  • flushable wipes
  • bandages
  • cotton balls/swabs

Visit our FOG page to learn more.