Pavement Management Program

Each year's PMP reconstructs a segment of Golden Valley streets. This includes repair of storm sewers, water mains, and sanitary sewer mains and bringing curbs and gutters up to City standards. Work usually starts in the spring and is completed in the fall. Learn  more about the purpose, background, and scope of the PMP in the Pavement Management Policy (PDF).

Information For Property Owners

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  1. 2021 PMP (Formerly 2020)
  2. 2022 PMP (Formerly 2021)
  3. PMP Street Width Consideration FAQs
  4. How the PMP Works
  5. Evaluating Streets
  6. Who Decides?
  7. Curb & Gutter
  8. Impacts on Adjoining Properties
  9. Driveway Reconstruction Program
  10. Utilities
  11. Funding
  12. PMP Progress
  13. Proposed Future PMPs
  14. Additional PMP Resources