Report A Streetlight Problem

Streetlights play an important role in public safety. That’s why the City of Golden Valley appreciates your help in locating streetlights that are out or malfunctioning.

streetlightDescribing the Streetlight

If you notice a problem with a streetlight, start by collecting the following information:

  • exact address of the problem light (street name, street direction, and nearest cross street)
  • house number nearest the light
  • light location (corner, mid-block, cul-de-sac, etc) and, if the light is located on a corner, note which corner (NE, NW, SE, SW, etc)
  • description of problem

Reporting the Streetlight

Xcel Energy operates and maintains all streetlights in Golden Valley. For quick, efficient service, report problem streetlights directly to Xcel at 1-800-960-6235 or use Xcel's online Streetlight Outage Form. Online reporting makes it easier for residents to follow up with Xcel Energy on the timing of repairs.