Storm Drain Adoption Programs

Along with preventing pollution before it hits the ground, so to speak, there are two chances to stop it from entering Golden Valley surface water: before it makes it to a storm drain inlet, and before it leaves the storm drain outlet and enters the surface water (see image below).

Storm Drain stencilStorm Drain Inlet Program

To prevent pollutants from entering the storm drain on your street, consider working to keep it clear of debris. Or, sign up for Golden Valley’s Storm Drain Stenciling Program, an educational component of the City’s Surface Water Management Plan.

Volunteers stencil a fish symbol, combined with a "Dump No Waste" message, near storm drains that lead to a neighborhood pond, lake, or Bassett Creek to increase surface water awareness and remind citizens of their role in protecting water resources.

Storm Drain Outlet Program

The best defense of water resources is to prevent pollutants from getting there, and storm drain outlets are the last frontier. If you live near a lake, pond, or stream with an outlet basin, perhaps this is where you can help most. City staff is available to assist, coordinate, and encourage volunteers to adopt certain storm drain outlets and to set up a system to notify the City of operation and maintenance concerns and illicit discharges.


Please call Engineering staff at 763-593-8030 if you are interested in adopting an inlet or outlet.