DeCola Ponds B And C Improvement Project

The DeCola Ponds B and C Improvement Project is one of several flood mitigation projects identified in the Medicine Lake Road and Winnetka Avenue Area Long Term Flood Mitigation Plan developed by the Cities of Golden Valley, Crystal, and New Hope in 2016.

As shown on the location map, the areas around DeCola Ponds B and C are being expanded to create flood storage to help alleviate a chronic flooding problem that impacts homes, businesses, and infrastructure in the area.

The Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission (BCWMC) approved plans and ordered the project in 2018 and entered into an agreement with the City of Golden Valley to construct the project on its behalf (see project details).



Primary benefits include:

    • reducing flood damages to nearby homes, businesses, and infrastructure
    • protecting public health
    • improving public safety by lowering flood levels on Medicine Lake Rd and surrounding local streets

Additional benefits include:

  • improving water quality
  • enhancing vegetation and wildlife habitat
  • improving recreation and park user experience



To be efficient and cost-effective, the project is split into two phases, each with a separate contract. Phase one involves earthwork, utilities, and trail paving.The City Council awarded phase one to Dahn Construction July 16, 2019. Phase two involves restoration, planting, and establishment of native vegetation (trees, shrubs, grasses and wildflowers) over three growing seasons. Phase two will be bid in winter 2019 and work will begin in spring 2020.

  • August-November 2019: Set up temporary dewatering system to draw down Ponds A, B, and C
  • November 2019: Tree removal, excavation, grading, and utility work around Ponds B and C begins along with consturction of wetlands and forbay pond
  • December 3, 2019: City Council awards DeCola Ponds B and C Restoration contract to Applied Ecological Services
  • March 2020: Tree removal, excavation, grading, and utility work around Ponds B and C ends along with consturction of wetlands and forbay pond
  • May-June 2020: Construct and pave trail
  • May-October 2020: Restore and establish native vegetation (planting trees, shrubs, grasses, and wildflowers)

Parks And Trails Closed During Construction

During construction, a portion of the Pennsylvania Woods Nature Area and surrounding trail system will be closed for public safety purposes (see trail closure map).

Public Engagement

The City uses a variety of ways to communicate information about this project including direct mail, CityNews, City and BCWMC websites, email updates, social media, SunPost, CCX TV, park postings and signage, and engagement through public meetings listed below. Thank you to everyone who provided valuable input and feedback to help shape and guide the final design of this project.

  • Stakeholder meetings throughout design process
  • April 16, 2019: Public Hearing on Temporary Drawdown of Decola Ponds A, B, and C
  • April 2019: BCWMC 90% Design Review Meeting
  • Feb and April 2019: Final Design Open Houses
  • Feb 2019: BCWMC 50% Design Review Meeting
  • Winter 2019: Meetings with Environmental Commission and Open Space and Recreation Commission
  • Dec 2018-Jan 2019: Environmental Assessment Worksheet 30-day public comment period
  • Sept 20, 2018: Council meeting (approve agreements with DNR, BCWMC, Barr Engineering to begin final design--see presentation from meeting)
  • Aug 2018: BCWMC Public Hearing (fund and order project)
  • Aug 2018: DeCola Ponds Neighborhood Newsletter
  • July 2018: Council meeting (approve signing DNR grant agreement following bonding bill)
  • May 2018: BCWMC meeting (approve feasibility report)
  • April 2018: BCWMC meeting (review study)
  • April 2018: Council Manager meeting (review study)
  • Nov 2017 and April 2018: Feasibility Study Open Houses


Contact Eric Eckman or 763-593-8084.