Hennepin County Zero Waste Initiatives

As the City of Golden Valley works to prepare for residential organics recycling in Jan 2022, residents should be taking this time to practice reducing their food waste. Luckily, Hennepin County offers various programs that provide resources to help residents to just that. If these programs interest you but now isn’t the best time for you, that’s okay. Hennepin County offers programs like these year-round. Visit the Hennepin County website for more information.

Stop Food Waste Challenge

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Americans waste nearly 40 percent of the US food supply. To help address this issue, Hennepin County is asking its residents to take the Stop Food Waste Challenge to reduce the amount of waste generated in households and ultimately address climate change.

The challenge has more than 40 actions to choose from in five categories; planning, shopping, cooking, storage, and community. Participants are to check off the actions they already take and select five one-time actions and five daily actions. Once started, track the actions you take and the impact of those actions.

Learn more on the challenge website.

Zero Waste Challenge

Residents looking to take the Stop Food Waste Challenge even further can take the Zero Waste Challenge and take an in-depth look at the goods they buy and the waste created in hopes of finding new opportunities to recycle and reduce waste.

The County offers this eight-month challenge once per year and a condensed four-week challenge multiple times per year. Participants will receive personalized support and coaching, develop a customized waste reduction plan, and get access to additional resources and support.
Learn more on the Zero Waste Challenge website.