Planning Applications & Permits

The Planning Division reviews and administers a number of land use applications and permits. These evaluations cover a range of topics, from large development projects such as a master planned neighborhood, to individual licenses.

Below is information about each application and permit, including links to the City Code, documents outlining process and policy, and dates of Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals meetings.

To submit an application, contact Planning staff at 763-593-8095 to discuss the proposal before completing the associated forms. All submissions will be reviewed to verify they are complete before they are scheduled to be heard in front of the appropriate decision-making body.

+ Conditional Use Permit

Conditional uses (see City Code 113-30: Conditional Uses) are land uses that may be generally appropriate in a given zoning district but have one or more characteristics that might cause an unusual impact at any particular location. As such, they would require consideration of site-specific regulations.

Conditional uses are identified by list for each zoning district in Golden Valley. Before being allowed to operate, a conditional use must go through a public review process to establish suitable terms of operation, or “conditions,” of use for that location. If the use is approved, the City issues a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for the property.

Applications are due to the Planning Division by 4 pm on the second or fourth Friday of the month in order to be eligible to be heard at the corresponding Planning Commission meeting one month later.

Application Form

Conditional Use Permit Process

+ Future Land Use Amendment

+ Planned Unit Development (PUD)

+ Subdivision

+ Tax Parcel Division

+ Temporary Retail Sales (coming soon)

+ Variance

A variance is a permitted departure from strict enforcement of the Zoning Code as applied to a particular piece of property. They are generally for dimensional standards (such as setbacks or height limits).

For a variance to be granted, the applicant must satisfy the statutory three-factor test for practical difficulties. A variance is only permitted when it is in harmony with the general purposes and intent of the City Code regulation and when the terms of the variance are consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. Requests for variances are heard by the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Variance Application

Survey Requirements

+ Zoning

The City's main form of land use regulation is through its zoning ordinances, outlined in Chapter 113 of the Golden Valley City Code. It includes requirements and restrictions for the use of property, including location, size, height of building, arrangement of buildings on lots, and density of development. Such a code ensures consistency, good aesthetics, and safety across the city.

Zoning Code

Zoning Map

Where can I build it?

The illustration at right offers an overview of some of the ways the zoning code affects residential property. Always call the Planning Department (763-593-8095) for the most accurate regulations before investing your time and money into a project. This includes putting up a shed, constructing a patio or retaining wall, and more.

Projects affected by the zoning code

Zoning Text Amendments

If you would like to request a change to the regulations in the Zoning Code, contact the Planning Division at 763-593-8095.

+ Zoning Permit (Sheds, Decks, Patios, Fences)