+Alcohol at Brookview Park

Groups or individuals renting a Brookview Park Pavilion who wish to serve beer or wine must purchase a special permit for $50, payable at the time the reservation is made.

+Block Parties

To stage a block party, neighbors must present the Police Department with a petition signed by all residents affected by the street closing at least two weeks in advance. If the petition requirement cannot be met, neighbors must obtain City Council approval for the street closing. Upon approval, City Public Works staff will deliver street barricades the last working day before the street closing. Barricades will be left with the responsible person listed on the petition, and that person is in charge of placing and removing the barricades. City crews will pick up pick up the barricades on the nearest work day following the street closing.

+Door-To-Door Sales And Soliciting License

Anyone wishing to do door-to-door sales or fundraising must obtain the Peddlers & Solicitors License from the City, carry the license with them, and show it on request. Residents should check for the appropriate license.

+Home-Based Occupations

Home-based businesses have special regulations. Please see City Code 113-88, Subdivision 17. Questions? Call the Planning Department at 763-593-8095.

+ Keeping Of Chickens»

+Load Limit Waiver

When spring load restrictions are in effect on City streets, traffic on all City streets is limited to a maximum weight of 6 tons per axle. The City may issue a load limit waiver for a single trip with a maximum load of 7 tons per axle. Only one waiver will be issued per project per season. Please submit your waiver application to the Public Works office (7800 Golden Valley Rd) in person at or email it to Be sure to include a sketch showing project location and proposed haul route.

+ Fireworks Sales - Fire Department, 763-593-8057

+ Gambling - City Clerk, 763-593-8012

+ Garbage or Recycling Hauler

+ Liquor License

+ Motor Vehicle, Fishing, & Hunting Licenses »

+Residential Rental Property License

Golden Valley City ordinance requires all residential property owners who rent out their property to have a rental license. This includes single family homes, townhomes, duplexes, condominiums, and group homes.

+ Special Event Permit

+ Tobacco Licenses

More Licenses

  • Dog Kennel - City Clerk, 763-593-8012
  • Fireworks Sales - Fire Department, 763-593-8057
  • Gambling - City Clerk, 763-593-8012
  • Gasoline Stations - Fire Department, 763-593-8057
  • HVAC Contractor - Inspections Department, 763-593-8090
  • Massage Therapist - City Clerk, 763-593-8012
  • New/Used Vehicle Sales - City Clerk, 763-593-8012
  • Pawnbroker - City Clerk, 763-593-8012
  • Precious Metals - City Clerk, 763-593-8012
  • Sexually-Oriented Business - City Clerk, 763-593-8012