Yard Maintenance

lawn mower

Golden Valley's Property Maintenance Code requires residents to keep their yards mowed, maintained, and picked up. For common violations, see the Property Maintenance Code Checklist.


Managing Invasive Species

Native Landscaping & Rain Gardens

Tree Management

Yard Waste Disposal

State law prohibits disposal of yard, brush, and tree waste in landfills or solid waste facilities. Use the disposal options below, or ask your garbage hauler about cost and procedure for yard waste disposal.

+Annual Spring Brush Pick-Up

Golden Valley's recycling program includes a three-week curbside brush pick-up in May and a three-weekend leaf drop-off program in the fall, as long as funds are available. The annual brush pick-up gives homeowners the opportunity to place tree limbs and brush at their curbs for collection and disposal.

2021 Schedule

City Area
Pick-Up Starts

Area north of Hwy 55/West of Douglas Drive

April 26

Area north of Hwy 55/East of Douglas Drive

May 3

Area south of 55

May 10


brush pileGuidelines

Please observe the following guidelines when preparing your brush for pickup:

  • Tree limbs and brush must be less than four inches in diameter and approximately eight feet long. Stack so the larger ends face the street (limbs do not have to be tied). Do not use plastic bags.
  • Condense brush to one pile per household. Trucks will stop only once at each property, so if there is more than one pile, only one will be picked up.
  • Keep brush and limbs completely clear of sidewalks, mailboxes, street lights and sign poles, landscaping and fences, overhead tree branches, and power lines. If piles don't fit between the curb and sidewalk, place them on the boulevard behind the sidewalk. The contractor uses trucks with automated loading arms to pick up the brush piles. If your brush is stacked near a restricted area or tossed in a pile rather than stacked, it will be left behind. The contractor will not load brush by hand.
  • No leaves, grass clippings, stumps, roots, limbs exceeding the size limits, building lumber, landscape timbers, or bags of garbage will be picked up. If any of these items are mixed in the brush stacks, the entire stack will be left behind. The contractor will not sort through brush stacks for acceptable material.

+Annual Leaf Drop-Off

bag of leavesGolden Valley's recycling program includes a three-week curbside brush pick-up in May and a three-weekend leaf drop-off program in the fall, as long as funds are available. Golden Valley's annual fall leaf drop-off provides residents a monitored site to dispose of their leaves at no charge during the last weekend in October and the first two weekends in November.

2021 Leaf Drop-Off Dates

  • Sat, Oct 30
    8 am–1 pm
  • Sat, Nov 6
    8 am–1 pm
  • Fri, Nov 12
    8 am–3 pm
  • Sat, Nov 13
    7 am–1 pm

Drop-Off Site

Large parking lot at Brookview Park
South of Hwy 55 at Winnetka Ave

During drop-off days, Brookview Parkway will become a one-way road. All traffic must enter the site from Winnetka Ave and exit on Western Ave. Traffic personnel will direct vehicles to drop-off points where residents can unload or de-bag leaves.


  • Participants must provide proof of Golden Valley residency (Minnesota driver's license, ID, or proof of identity and address).
  • City staff will de-bag leaves at the site and residents must take the bags home for reuse or disposal (see tips below for conserving bags). This includes compostable bags, as the disposal site requires all leaves to be unbagged. No brush will be accepted.

Time-Saving Tips

  • For fast unloading and to conserve your bags, leave them untied if possible. If you must tie them, do so loosely or use the yellow or clear plastic tabs (they break open easily). Bags that are tightly knotted or tightly tied with wire “twisties” will be cut open to save time.
  • If you're hauling loose leaves, line the trailer or truck bed with a tarp before loading the leaves. Remain in your vehicle at all times while City staff lift the corners of the tarp and dump the leaves into the disposal box.

+Yard Waste Drop-Off

For a fee, Golden Valley residents may take lawn and garden waste to the Maple Grove Yard Waste Site.


14796 101st Ave N, Maple Grove

Take I-94W to Maple Grove Parkway (County Rd 30 / Exit 213) in Maple Grove. Go one mile east on Maple Grove Parkway. Turn right on 101st Ave N. Site is on the left.


Open April 1 - November 30
Monday - Saturday, 8 am to 7 pm
Sunday, noon to 7 pm

Fees & Additional Information

Material must be de-bagged at site, and bags must be removed. For fees and additional information, visit the Maple Grove Yard Waste Site website.