Outdoor Pools

Basic zoning, permit, and inspections requirements for pool construction and demolition in Golden Valley are outlined below.

Zoning Requirements (Where Can I Build My Pool?)

The pool must be:

  • located to the rear of the dwelling
  • located 10 feet from any principal or accessory structure
  • located a minimum of 35 feet from any street right-of-way
  • located a minimum of five feet from rear or side property line

Also, patios/aprons must be at least 3’ from all property lines.

Pools, aprons, and equipment are not permitted in an easement.

To ensure proper placement of the pool, a Certificate of Survey is required at the time of Building Permit application. In lieu of the survey, you can submit a site plan (done to scale) and locate corner stakes so setbacks can be verified.

In-ground pools are required to have a minimum five-foot-high fence with self-locking gate. Fence must not have an opening greater than four inches or start more than two inches from the ground. Fence can not be of a readily climbable design. Pool shall not be filled with water until fenced.

Permit Requirements

In-Ground Pools

Above-Ground Pools

Building Permit (on ePermits) (if pool is more than 5,000-gallon capacity)

Additional permits

Permits are required for any mechanical (on ePermits) or electrical (on ePermits) work.

Pool Demolition

Required Inspections

In-Ground Pools

  • Footing: before concrete is poured
  • Final: after pool is completed

Pool Demolition

  • after pool is removed
  • before fill is started

Three Inspections Musts

  1. Post the inspection report card on the job site until the final inspection is completed. Make sure it’s protected from the weather.
  2. Notify Inspections when each phase is ready for inspection.
  3. Schedule all inspections at least 24-48 hours in advance (please have your permit number available). You can reach the Inspections Department between 8 am and 4:30 pm at 763-593-8090.