Home Project Inspections

home construction inspectionThe types of inspections your project requires vary: some projects may require a single inspection when the work is completed, while others may require several inspections as the work progresses. With each project, City officials determine what inspections are required to ensure compliance with the state building code (inspection fees are included in the cost of the permits).

What types of inspections are required?

Your permit(s) will indicate what inspections are required for your project, and when to call for them. For more information, see project guidelines to find your project, or call the Inspections Department.

Inspections report card

Post the inspection report card on the job site until the final inspection is completed. Make sure it’s protected from the weather.

Scheduling an inspection

You must notify Inspections when each phase is ready for inspection. Schedule all inspections at least 24-48 hours in advance (please have your permit number available). You can reach the Inspections Department between 8 am and 4:30 pm at 763-593-8090.

Expired permits and final inspections

It’s important to remember that permits expire after 180 days of inactivity, according to the state building code. If you do not complete the necessary work in the allotted time, the project will be deemed suspended or abandoned, meaning you may need to obtain another permit and pay a new permit fee to continue work.

All projects require a final inspection when the work has been completed. Unfortunately, some permit holders fail to request this final inspection, which can result in a permit becoming invalid and a new one needing to be issued.

Keep in mind that if you hire a professional to work on your property, it’s a good idea to request verification of final inspection before making final payment. If you’re doing the work yourself, be sure to call for your final inspection to close out your permit—it could save you a headache in the future if you decide to sell your home.

For more information, call 763-593-8090.