Any installation of a gas fireplace into an existing masonry fireplace must comply with the State Mechanical Code for gas appliances.

Before installing a gas fireplace, read the manufacturer’s instructions and check with a City building inspector. For more information about gas fireplaces and conversions, or to get a permit cost estimate for a furnace or fireplace, call Inspections at 763-593-8090.

Permit Requirements

A Mechanical Permit is required if you are converting a fireplace from wood to gas, or installing a new gas fireplace.

Installation instructions must be posted on-site.

Required Inspections

  1. Gas line air test
  2. Rough-in
  3. Final

Other inspections may be required by the Building Inspector to assure code compliance.

Three Inspections Musts

  1. Post the inspection report card on the job site until the final inspection is completed.
  2. Notify Inspections when each phase is ready for inspection.
  3. Schedule all inspections at least 24-48 hours in advance (please have your permit number available). You can reach the Inspections Department between 8 am and 4:30 pm at 763-593-8090.