The City of Golden Valley requires a Zoning Permit for fences. Fences must meet the requirements listed below.

Fence Height

Fence height must be 6 feet or less in the back and side yards and 4 feet or less in the front yard. Exceptions to this may apply if your property line is along a busy street. Contact the Planning Department for clarification specific to your property.

Fence Location

Entire fence structure must be on the owner’s side of the property line.

corner visibility diagramVisibility must be maintained at all street intersections. If you live on a street corner, no part of your fence can obstruct the corner visibility zone. The corner visibility zone is the triangle formed by the extension of the curb lines of the intersecting streets and a diagonal line connecting points 45 feet distant from the intersection (see illustration).

Fence Appearance

All structural supports for the fence must face inward towards your property.