Basic zoning, permit, and inspections requirements for building a deck in Golden Valley are outlined below. For further information, download the detailed Decks Handout.

Zoning Requirements (Where Can I Build My Deck?)

Setbacks from property lines vary depending on zoning. Call the Planning Department (763-593-8095) for setback information.

Visit the Inspections Department to review your street file for the following information:

  • the presence of a survey
  • any variances granted to your property
  • any soil corrections done on existing house
  • verification of permits and inspections for the original deck, if it will be replaced with a deck of the same size and design

Go to the Planning Department and apply for a setback variance if:

  • the existing structure does not meet setback requirements
  • the proposed deck does not meet setback requirements

A certified as-built survey is required for a variance. A variance is granted for practical difficulties only.

Permit Requirements

Decks require either a Building Permit or a Zoning Permit. When applying for a Building Permit, include the following with your application (on ePermits):

  1. Submit certified as-built survey and a site plan showing setbacks from property line. (If there isn’t an as-built survey in your street file, you will have to locate survey corner stakes and have a Building Inspector verify the setback.)
  2. Submit two complete sets of construction drawings showing proposed design and materials, which should include:
    1. deck foundation plan¼" = one foot scaled foundation plan (click thumbnail at right) showing:
      • overall dimensions
      • size and dimensions of footings, posts, and beams
      • direction, materials, size, and spacing of floor joists
      • size and anchoring of ledger board
    2. ¼" = one foot scaled floor plan showing:
      • overall dimensions
      • materials
      • location and size of stairs
    3. wall section plan example3/8" = one foot (minimum) scaled wall section (click thumbnail at right) showing:
      • size, depth, and shape of footings
      • beams, joists, decking material, anchors, and guardrail construction
      • all vertical dimensions
  3. Additional information may be required, including:
    1. soil tests (If existing house is on piles or other soil correction, then the deck foundation must be engineered.)
    2. elevations
    3. important details

Required Inspections

  1. Footing: Before concrete is poured.
  2. Framing: Before decking is installed if deck is less than 48 inches above grade, anytime after framing is completed if deck is 48 inches or more above grade.
  3. Final: Before deck is occupied.

Other inspections may be required by the Building Inspector to assure code compliance.

Three Inspections Musts

  1. Post the inspection report card on the job site until the final inspection is completed. Make sure it’s protected from the weather.
  2. Notify Inspections when each phase is ready for inspection.
  3. Schedule all inspections at least 24-48 hours in advance (please have your permit number available). You can reach the Inspections Department between 8 am and 4:30 pm at 763-593-8090.

Call before you dig

Call at least 2 full business days before you dig.

651-454-0002 or