Additions, Screened, and 3-Season Porches

Basic zoning, permit, and inspections requirements for building an addition, screened, or 3-season porch in Golden Valley are outlined below.

Zoning Requirements (Where Can I Build It?)

Setbacks from property lines vary depending on zoning. Call the Planning Department (763-593-8095) for setback information on your property, including:

  • information on any variances granted to your property
  • information on any soil corrections done on existing house

Go to the Planning Department and apply for a setback variance if:

  • the existing structure does not meet setback requirements
  • the proposed deck does not meet setback requirements
  • there was a previous variance granted

A certified as-built survey is required for a variance. A variance is granted for practical difficulties only.

Building Permit Requirements

Submit Building Permit application (on ePermits) along with:

Two copies of a certificate of survey. Indicate the setbacks from property line. Or, locate survey stakes and stake out lot dimensions and location and ground coverage area of existing and proposed structure(s). Make an appointment for an inspector to verify setbacks.

Two copies of drawings showing proposed design and materials. Drawings shall be drawn to scale and include the following information:

  • elevations (see example) showing what structure will look like
  • floor plan (see example) showing:
    • proposed addition or porch size
    • size, location, and spacing of posts
    • size of headers
    • size and spacing of roof supports
  • cross section (see example) showing:
    • size and depth of footings
    • size and type of posts or foundations
    • size of beam supporting floor joists
    • size and spacing of floor joists and rafters
    • flooring material
    • guardrail height (if any)
    • ceiling height
    • type(s) of sheathing, siding, and roof covering
    • header size over windows and screened openings
    • pitch of roof

Additional information may be required, including soil tests (if existing house is on piles or corrected soil, then addition must be engineered) and/or stormwater management permit.

Required Inspections

Required Inspections

  • Footings/Slab: After the holes are dug but before pouring the concrete.
  • Framing: After the roof, all framing, and any bracing is in place and rough electric (if any) is approved but before the application of any siding or roof covering materials.
  • Final: Upon completion of the building and finish grading.

In addition to the inspections listed above, your Building Inspector may make or require other inspections of any construction work to ascertain compliance with the provisions of this code and other laws enforced by the code and the code enforcement agency.

Three Inspections Musts

  1. Post the inspection report card or summary sheet on the job site until the final inspection is completed.
  2. Notify Inspections when the installation is completed.
  3. Schedule a final inspection at least 24 hours in advance (please have your permit number available). You can reach the Inspections Department between 8 am and 4 pm at 763-593-8090.