After Moving In

boxesFile for Homestead Credit

As soon as possible after you move in, bring a copy of your Warranty Deed, Contract for Deed, Quit Claim Deed, or personal Representative Deed to General Services at City Hall to file for homestead. We will change the name of the owner on our records, and a homestead card will be mailed out in your name. This will assure you of the homestead classification on your real estate taxes. Call 763-593-8020 for more information.

Check Out Garbage & Recycling Services

Contact a licensed garbage hauler to arrange for garbage pick up. Find out more about the City's recycling program. If your home's previous owner did not leave recycling crates behind, call 952-941-5174 to have some delivered.

Update Utility Records

Call Utility Billing (763-593-8016) to make sure all account information for your address is accurate and updated. Contact private utility companies to set up electric, gas, telephone, or cable TV service.

Check Safety/Security Issues

Make sure your new home has functioning smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Check the batteries in smoke detectors and replace them if they are old or weak. Test smoke detectors monthly, and formulate an escape plan from your home in case of a fire. Contact the Golden Valley Fire Department at 763-593-8065 for more information.

Take a look at the home security checklist, and join your Neighborhood Watch group.

Update Licenses

Residents who move from within the state have 30 days to update their driver's licenses. New Minnesota residents have 60 days to change their driver's licenses and vehicle license plates

The Golden Valley Motor Vehicle Licensing Department offers limited driver's license services, including duplicate licenses and change of name or address. It also offers a full array of other vehicle licensing services. To make sure you receive renewal notices at your new address, call the State (651-296-6911) with all license plate numbers.

Check the City's requirements for keeping pets.

Explore Local Recreation Opportunities

The City's Park & Recreation Department offers many fun things to do.