GVFD Community Outreach & Education

The concept of serving the community is a fundamental part of the GVFD.

+ Adopt-A-Fire Hydrant

The Golden Valley Fire Department seeks your help to keep the fire hydrants in your neighborhood clear of snow.

snowbound hydrantcleared hydrant in the snow

A properly cleared hydrant (left) and improperly cleared hydrant (right)

A six-foot clear space around the circumference of the hydrant will help reduce the time it takes firefighters to hook up hoses if a fire occurs in your neighborhood.

The best time to shovel out a hydrant is after the streets are plowed, before snow accumulates and freezes.

Learn how to shovel out your fire hydrant.


+ Fire Prevention & Safety

+ Night To Unite

Minnesota's Night to Unite

Minnesota Night To Unite (formerly National Night Out) is typically held on the first Tuesday of August. Golden Valley neighborhoods are invited to join cities throughout Minnesota in having potluck dinners, ice cream socials, barbecues, bike parades, etc. Use your imagination and plan something fun!

Learn More

Watch the City website and social media for details about the virtual Night To Unite. For more information on the Night To Unite Food Drive For PRISM, call 763-593-8079. Challenge your neighborhood!

+ Public Safety In The Parks (listed on GVPD Community Events page)

+ Public Safety Open House (listed on GVPD Community Events page)

+ Recreational Fires

+ Station Tours

Tours are available at all three fire stations for groups (for example, Scouts, after-school and pre-school programs, Neighborhood Watch, etc). The ideal group size is 15 to 20 people. Special accommodations can be made for larger groups and evening hours. Please try to schedule your tour at least two to three weeks in advance.

+ Upcoming Safety Classes

Hands Only - CPR/AED Training

Brookview Golden Valley

Learn the lifesaving skills of adult Hands-Only® CPR and AED Awareness! No previous CPR training is required.