Environmental Resources

Climate trends suggest that in the next 50 years Minnesota will experience increased precipitation, hotter summers, warmer and wetter winters, and more severe weather events. Such changes could damage infrastructure, drain resources, and impair a City’s capacity to provide services and respond to residents’ needs.


A major contributor to climate change is greenhouse gas emissions from the generation of electricity. While the electric grid in Minnesota continues to get cleaner, it remains important for local governments to understand energy consumption in their communities.

Green Volunteers

Interested in volunteering on sustainability initiatives in the City? The Green Volunteer listserv lets residents know about environmentally-focused volunteer opportunities in the City, such as tree plantings, invasive species removal, and opportunities to help engage and educate the public around sustainability topics. Visit your subscriber preferences to sign up for Green Volunteers.

Natural Resources

The benefits of being surrounded by a healthy natural environment include a clean and abundant supply of groundwater and surface water; clean air to breathe; and a good mix of terrestrial and aquatic habitats, such as forests, prairies, and wetlands. These features are necessary to promote a vibrant and diverse human, animal, and plant community. Although not always visible, their contribution to the quality of life enjoyed by Golden Valley residents is important.

Resilience and Sustainability

Resilience is the capacity to respond, adapt, and thrive under changing conditions such as weather- and climate-related events. Sustainability aims to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Waste and Recycling

In accordance with City Code Section 16.193, all residential households, including multifamily dwellings with four or fewer units, must either directly or through the owner or manager of a multifamily dwelling unit have a contract for at least bi-weekly collection of garbage and refuse with a hauler licensed by the City.

The City has provided a curbside recycling service since 1987. It is funded through a grant from Hennepin County and user fees on utility bills.

Water Resources

Golden Valley's water resources include Bassett Creek, recreational lakes, ponds, and wetlands. Storm sewer pipes carry rain, melting snow, and other clear water (but not wastewater) to these streams, ponds, or other water bodies. The runoff is directed to the storm sewer system through storm drains in and under the gutters (catch basins) of the street system. As water moves toward these drains, it picks up pollutants (soil, leaves, grass clippings, pet waste, oil, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and litter) and carries them into the storm sewer system. This water is not treated before it is returned to the environment, but devices such as storm water ponds help filter sediment and pollutants before the water reaches natural waterways. Golden Valley proactively manages its water resources to enhance and maintain the quality of surface and ground water.