Energy Action Plan

The City of Golden Valley’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan includes a Resilience and Sustainability Chapter with several goals, objectives, and actions to reduce energy and greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. View the City’s Comprehensive Plan to find out more.

The City has been working hard to reduce energy consumption and costs and increase renewable energy in its buildings, campuses, and operations. Some of its recent actions include:

Partners In Energy Community Collaborative

Xcel Energy Partners In Energy LogoIn early 2020, the City joined Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy program to move forward in achieving its energy goals and assisting residents and local businesses in reducing energy bills and carbon footprints.

Partners in Energy provides services to communities to develop an energy plan and assist with implementing that plan. Each community has its own unique energy needs and priorities, and Partners in Energy tailors its services to compliment each community’s vision.

Golden Valley’s participation lasts two years and consists of two phases. The first phase was dedicated to developing a strategic energy action plan. The remaining portion of the two years will be focused on implementing the plan. Throughout the process, the City has been working with a dedicated Partners in Energy team that provides guidance, education, and resources for City staff, businesses, and residents as they work to achieve energy goals.

View Executive Summary of Energy Action Plan here.

View the full Energy Action Plan here.

The Partners in Energy Process

Partners in Energy and the City of Golden Valley recruited 12 local leaders, business representatives, and residents to serve on the Energy Action Team. The team also included City staff and a Minnesota GreenCorps member. Partners in Energy facilitated five workshops engaging the stakeholders from the Energy Action Team to develop a strategic energy action plan.

The plan was reviewed and recommended by the Environmental Commission and approved by Golden Valley City Council in May 2021, officially starting the implementation of the plan over an 18-month period.

Energy Action Plan Focus Areas:

  • Reducing High and Severe Energy Cost Burden
  • Improving Energy Efficiency
  • Supporting Clean Energy

How Can I Participate?

Carrying out the Energy Action Plan is a community effort. There are a number of ways that residents, organizations, and businesses can get involved to help achieve Golden Valley’s energy goals.

Learn how to help lower energy bills with an energy audit

Save money and energy with a visit from the Home Energy Squad®. Energy experts will conduct a home energy audit, and provide you with free materials to increase your home’s energy efficiency. The City of Golden Valley is paying half the cost for a Home Energy Squad visits for residents. Free visits are available to income qualified households. Schedule a visit at or call 651-328-6220.

Get help with your energy bills

The Energy Assistance Program helps income eligible households with bill payment assistance and energy crisis intervention. Call the Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County at 952-930-3541 or visit to learn more.

Keep upfront costs low with rebates

Find energy saving tips, home rebates, and programs from Xcel Energy to increase your home’s efficiency at

Go Green with Renewable Energy

Whether you’re a homeowner or business making a long-term investment in solar or a renter supporting clean energy, there are renewable options available for you.

Subscription programs are available from Xcel Energy which allow you to support renewable energy without investing in equipment on your home. If you’re interested in installing solar panels on your home or business, Xcel Energy offers incentives.

Check out Golden Valley’s Solar Energy page for more details.

Switch to an Electric Vehicle

Cut down on your need for gas and maintenance when you purchase an electric vehicle. Explore potential EV incentives and tax credits at to help find the EV that’s right for you.

For more information on actions you can take around energy, sustainability, and resilience check out Golden Valley’s Resilience & Sustainability page.