Physical Development

Physical Development Staff

Physical Development Director

Marc Nevinski

Housing and Economic Development Manager

Cherie Shoquist

Physical Development Assistant

Sue Schwalbe

Golden Valley's Physical Development Department includes the divisions of Engineering, Planning, and Inspections. The Department consists of 52 full-time employees and 8-10 temporary/seasonal employees.

Physical Development is responsible for planning and economic development; civil engineering and traffic engineering; and building inspections.

+Economic Development

Economic Development Staff

Physical Development Director
Marc Nevinski


Physical Development- Engineering Staff

City Engineer
Jeff Oliver
Assistant City Engineer
RJ Kakach
Engineering Technicians
Brian Dahlberg

Karen Moores
Engineering Assistant
Carrie Nelson
Environmental Resources Supervisor
Eric Eckman
GIS Specialist
Heather Hegi
Environmental Specialist
Drew Chirpich
Development & Inspections Assistant
Claire Huisman

Engineering is responsible for contract management, design, and oversight of the City’s construction and maintenance projects and City facilities associated with private development; mapping, surveying, and infrastructure management; right-of-way management, including coordination with private utility companies; storm water and wetland management; water quality programming; and traffic and transportation engineering. Staff includes a city engineer, one engineering technician, a public works specialist, three engineers, and a GIS technician.


Physical Development-Inspections Staff

Building Official
Dan Anderson
Building Inspectors
Bret Eggers

Brian Stemwedel
Inspections Assistant
Shannon Dietrich

The Inspections Division provides services to ensure that residential and non-residential buildings are constructed and maintained in accordance with state and local building and fire codes and in ways that uphold national standards for public health, safety, welfare, and basic livability. Such standards help preserve and enhance investments for property owners and maintain community vitality and integrity.




Physical Development-Planning Staff

Planning Manager
Jason Zimmerman
Myles Campbell
Planning Assistant
Amie Kolesar

The Planning Division provides day-to-day zoning administration, reviews plans and applications for new developments, and coordinates implementation of the City's Comprehensive Plan. For economic development activities, Planning provides staff services for the City's Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA).


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