City Departments

+ Administrative Services

Golden Valley's Administrative Services Department includes divisions such as General Services, Finance, Information Technology Services, and Motor Vehicle Licensing. These divisions handle accounting, payroll, utility billing, special assessments, and preparation of the annual budget, Monthly Financial Reports, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, and Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Municipal Advisor Rule Under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010

+ City Manager

Golden Valley is a Statutory "Plan B" city, with a part-time Mayor and City Council empowered by law to legislate city-wide policy and a full-time City Manager who serves as chief executive.The city manager, appointed by the City Council, serves as the executive officer in charge of administering all City business and implementing Council policies and directives.


+ Communications

Golden Valley's Communications staff is responsible for all City publications and information pieces, managing and maintaining the website and the City's social media, and managing public access TV operations, which includes televising and web streaming all City Council and Planning Commission meetings and coordinating programming produced for the City by CCX Media. Staff also works with City departments to develop marketing and communications plans to educate the public about City issues and initiatives and to provide information to local news media.

+ Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

The City of Golden Valley's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a deputy registrar office that handles registration and licensing of motor vehicles, boats, bicycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs. The Department also issues fishing and hunting licenses.

+ Fire

The Golden Valley Fire Department (GVFD) provides fire suppression, fire code enforcement, and fire prevention services.

+ Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for recruiting, selecting, and training employees; managing employee safety programs, compensation, and benefits; administering personnel policy and employment law; and negotiating and administering labor contracts.

Included in the Human Resources Department is the City's DEI division which strives to deliver high-quality, responsive services to ensure the community remains vibrant and welcoming for all.

+ Legal

The city attorney is appointed by the City Council and advises and represents the City in all civil legal matters. Matters include land use, development, and zoning; reviewing and negotiating City contracts; developing and drafting policies and procedures; monitoring legal proceedings; and consulting with City staff on a wide variety of legal questions. Criminal legal matters are handled by the city prosecutor.

The City's Legal Department also includes the city clerk. This position is responsible for maintaining official city records and the city code; publishes legal notices of hearings; handles liquor, tobacco, and special event licenses for the city; prepares resolutions and ordinances for adoption by the city council; creates agenda and records minutes of the city council meetings; and accepts filings for city offices and administers elections.

+ Parks & Recreation

Golden Valley's Parks & Recreation Department provides a variety of recreation programs for people of all ages and administers the use of the City's parks and other recreation facilities.

+ Physical Development

Golden Valley's Physical Development Department includes the divisions of Engineering, Planning, and Inspections.

Engineering is responsible for contract management, design, and oversight of the City’s construction and maintenance projects and City facilities associated with private development; mapping, surveying, and infrastructure management; right-of-way management, including coordination with private utility companies; storm water and wetland management; water quality programming; waste and recycling; and traffic and transportation engineering.

The Inspections Division provides services to ensure that residential and non-residential buildings are constructed and maintained in accordance with state and local building and fire codes and in ways that uphold national standards for public health, safety, welfare, and basic livability.

The Planning Division provides day-to-day zoning administration, reviews plans and applications for new developments, and coordinates implementation of the City's Comprehensive Plan.

+ Police

The Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) provides law enforcement and progressive community service, including patrol, investigation of crimes, prosecution of offenders, and crime prevention.

+ Public Works

Golden Valley's Public Works Department includes the divisions Parks, Streets, Utilities, and Vehicle Maintenance.

Park Maintenance is responsible for maintaining City parks, including skating rinks and open space (but not including Brookview Golf Course), forestry, and managing public buildings.

Street Maintenance is responsible for maintaining City streets, including snow plowing, seal coating, and patching.

Utilities Maintenance is responsible for operating and maintaining the City's utilities, including the water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer systems.

Vehicle Maintenance is responsible for repair and maintenance of all City vehicles and equipment.

To report a Public Works emergency after business hours, please call 911. Emergencies include water main breaks, sanitary sewer back-ups, or extremely slippery street conditions.

If you have a non-emergency situation after business hours that does not require an immediate response from from Public Works staff, please call 763-593-8079, and your message will be forwarded to the Public Works standby staff.

city illustration with water tower