City Contact Directory

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Contact us by mail, phone, or email. Members of the media should direct inquiries to the Communications Director at 763-593-8004 or

Should I Dial 911?

Always dial 911 to:

  • report an situation that requires police at the scene (accidents, burglaries, assaults, etc)
  • report a fire
  • call for a paramedic or ambulance
  • report suspicious activity (shouts for help, sounds of breaking glass, alarms, shots fired, unfamiliar person carrying items from a house, etc)
  • report a sewer back-up, water main break, or other Public Works emergency that requires immediate attention

If you're not sure what to do in a situation, call 911 and the dispatcher will help.

If you have a situation after hours or on weekends but do not need immediate response from a paramedic, firefighter, police officer, or Public Works crew, call the Police Department's non-emergency number, 763-593-8079.

City Manager's Office

Name Title Phone Email
Tim Cruikshank City Manager 763-593-8003
Theresa Schyma City Clerk 763-593-8012
Tara Olmo Executive Assistant to the City Manager's Office 763-593-3991

Administrative Services Department

Name Title Phone Email
Sue Virnig Finance Director 763-593-8010
Aaron Gilbert Accounting Coordinator 763-593-8009

Communications Department

Name Title Phone Email
Cheryl Weiler Communications Director 763-593-8004
Rob Kueny Communications Specialist 763-593-3995
Danielle Gates Graphic Designer/Web Specialist 763-593-8069

Fire Department

For emergencies, dial 911.
Name Title Phone Email
John Crelly Fire Chief 763-593-8065
Jake Dashiell Fire Inspector 763-593-8092
Jennifer Murphy Fire Inspector 763-593-8041
Chris Sorheim Fire Inspector 763-593-8074
Bethany Brunsell Assistant Fire Chief 763-593-3977
Jill Lund Administrative Assistant 763-593-8057

Human Resources Department

Name Title Phone Email
Kirsten Santelices Deputy City Manager/Human Resources Director 763-593-3989
Kiarra Zackery Equity and Inclusion Manager 763-593-8045

Legal Department

Name Title Phone Email
Maria Cisneros City Attorney 763-593-8096

Parks & Recreation Department

Name Title Phone Email
Rick Birno Director of Parks & Recreation 763-512-2342
Brian Erickson Recreation Supervisor 763-512-2366
Greg Simmons Recreation and Facilities Supervisor 763-512-2367
  Facility Coordinator 763-512-2364  
John Stutzman Recreation Supervisor 763-512-2340
Madeline Champa Recreation Coordinator 763-512-2341
Sheila Van Sloun Administrative Assistant 763-512-2347

Physical Development Department

Name Title Phone Email
Marc Nevinski Physical Development Director 763-593-8008
Cherie Shoquist Housing and Economic Development Manager 763-593-3983

Sue Schwalbe Physical Development Assistant 763-593-3987

Jason Zimmerman Planning Manager 763-593-8099
Myles Campbell Planner 763-593-3979
Amie Kolesar Planning Assistant 763-593-3992
Jeff Oliver City Engineer 763-593-8034
Eric Eckman Environmental Resources Supervisor 763-593-8084
Heather Hegi GIS Technician 763-593-8036
RJ Kakach Assistant City Engineer 763-593-8043
Karen Moores Engineering Technician 763-593-3971
Brian Dahlberg Engineering Technician 763-593-8112
Carrie Nelson Engineering Assistant 763-593-8090
Drew Chirpich Environmental Specialist 763-593-8044
Claire Huisman Development & Inspections Assistant 763-593-8027
Dan Anderson Building Official 763-593-8090
Bret Eggers Building Inspector 763-593-8090
Brian Stemwedel Building Inspector 763-593-8090
Mike Lockman Building Inspector 763-593-8090
Shannon Dietrich Administrative Assistant-Inspections 763-593-8090

Police Department

For emergencies, dial 911.
Name Title Phone Email
Scott Nadeau Interim Police Chief 763-593-8059
Dave Kuhnly Patrol Commander 763-512-2502
Alice White Operations Commander 763-512-2503
Randy Mahlen Detective Sergeant 763-512-2511
Joanne Paul Crime Analyst 763-593-8058
Amanda Johnson Police Operations Supervisor 763-593-8054
Stacie Budig Administrative Assistant 763-593-8050
Kaylin Smith Administrative Assistant 763-593-8053

Public Works Department

Name Title Phone Email
Tim Kieffer Public Works Director 763-593-3960
Al Lundstrom Park Maintenance Supervisor 763-593-8046
Marshall Beugen Street and Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor 763-593-8085
Joe Hansen Utilities Supervisor 763-593-8038
Erin Nielsen Public Works Assistant 763-593-3962

After Hours Public Works Contact

To report a Public Works emergency after business hours, please call 911. Emergencies include water main breaks, sanitary sewer back-ups, or extremely slippery street conditions.

If you have a non-emergency situation after business hours that does not require an immediate response from from Public Works staff, please call 763-593-8079, and your message will be forwarded to the Public Works standby staff.