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The City is committed to working cooperatively with its thriving business sector. Below are links to information that will be helpful in starting and maintaining a business in Golden Valley.

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Golden Valley Commons fountain

Golden Valley Commons is a popular dining destination, with several restaurants to choose from.

Golden Valley's proximity to downtown Minneapolis and its access to four major arterial roadways make it a prime commercial and industrial location. In fact, there are about 30,000 full-time jobs within the city—more per capita than any other city in the metropolitan area.


Commercial development, including retail and office uses, comprises 7 percent of Golden Valley’s total land use. Golden Valley is home to several large corporations, including Allianz Insurance, Tennant Company, Honeywell, Resideo, and General Mills. These corporations account for a large percentage of Golden Valley’s job base.

General Mills Headquarters

General Mills Headquarters

Retail development is interspersed throughout the city, with concentrations located at the intersection of Hwy 100 and Duluth St as well as the intersection of Winnetka Ave and Hwy 55. Redevelopment of Golden Valley’s downtown area along Winnetka Ave and Hwy 55 incorporates functions of walkability. Restaurants, shops, and services are intended to be accessible by area residents through motorized and non-motorized transportation.


Industrial development comprises 8 percent of Golden Valley’s land use. It includes some manufacturing-based industry but is mostly light industry and business.


The City of Golden Valley is committed to continued redevelopment along major corridors, such as I-394 and Highway 55. The I-394 Corridor Plan, adopted in late 2007, and the Douglas Drive Corridor Plan, adopted in early 2010, both provide a vision for two areas in Golden Valley. The City is also committed to working cooperatively with existing businesses to retain the city's current job base.

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