Services You Get For A Month Of Taxes

Proposed property taxes for 2021 are based on your home's taxable market value on Jan 2, 2020. For this example we are using a home valued in 2020 at $335,000. Using the City portion of your proposed property tax, one month of taxes would equal $142.60. (Note: Homes may vary.)

Debt Levies—$33.17/month (23.26%)

The $33.17 you pay each month towards debt levies is designated to pay debt service on existing bonds for the City’s street reconstruction program, and Brookview.

Police officer in squad carPolice—$31.31/month (21.95%)

For $31.31 a month, you get police services, investigation of crimes, prosecution of offenders, community crime prevention programs, and more.

Administration—$20.05/month (14.08%)

Your $20.05 a month towards City administration covers the City Council and Commissions, public notices, elections, assessing, accounting, computer services, the City budget and Capital Improvement Program, policies and ordinances, newsletters and public information, municipal legal services, casualty insurance, contingency, and more.

Two Public Works crew members place a sewer pipePhysical Development—$9.90/month (6.95%)

Physical Development services cost $9.90 a month and provide tree preservation and inspections; engineering; planning for infrastructure needs; planning and review of changes to the Comprehensive Plan; building improvement and building permit services; and more.

Public Works—$20.69/month (14.50%)

Public Works services cost $20.69 a month and provide well-maintained streets, sidewalks, parks and park shelters, playgrounds, ballfields, and ice rinks; snowplowing; and maintenance of City buildings and facilities.

Sand volleyball gamePark & Rec—$5.91/month (4.14%)

For $5.91 a month, you get Brookview; access to year-round community recreation programs; planning and implementation of recreation programs for youth, adults, and seniors; administration of rentals for park shelters and community centers; and more.

firefighterFire—$7.81/month (5.48%)

For $7.81 a month, you get fire services, community fire prevention programs, property maintenance inspection services, apartment licensing, and more.

Transfers Out—$12.64/month (8.86%)

Transfers Out cost $12.64 a month and cover transfers to Building and Park Improvement Funds, future street overlays, and debt for equipment.

Contingencies —$1.12/month (.78%)

Contingencies cover a one percent Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), the City's Compensation Study, and more.