Special Assessments and Fees

Reconstructed street

Street improvements are partially funded by special assessments.

Special Assessments are a way for cities to charge properties for the cost of making a local improvement that benefits those properties. The City of Golden Valley uses special assessments to partially finance street improvements, to help residents in street reconstruction areas finance driveway improvements, and to collect delinquent utility bills or other delinquent bills. Some utility work has also been assessed in the past.

These charges finance a portion of the project’s cost and are paid off over time at a given interest rate, much like an installment loan. A given property cannot be assessed more for a given project than the increase in value resulting from the project.

Delinquent Utility Bill Assessments

Residents who don’t pay their City utility bills are charged an administrative fee, which is added to the amount owed and certified to their property tax bills as a special assessment. Certification occurs at a public hearing in October for bills delinquent more than 45 days.

For more information about utility bill assessment, call the City Finance Department at 763-593-8013.

Street Improvement Special Assessments

Golden Valley’s Pavement Management Program is funded in part through special assessments to adjoining properties. These special assessments represent an estimated 20-25 percent of the project costs. The remaining costs for the Pavement Management Program are financed by the city as a whole through general taxes. Residential Rate for Pavement Management Program

All single-family, residential properties are assessed on a per-unit basis, which means that each unit pays the same assessment. A single family property is assessed as a single unit. Duplex properties are assessed as two units. The unit assessment is based on a standard residential lot. If a lot is oversized and could potentially be subdivided into two or more conforming lots, one unit is assessed for each potential lot. However, only one of these units is assessed with the project; the rest are deferred until (if) the property is subdivided.

Corner lots are assessed a half unit for each of the adjacent streets being improved, with a maximum of one full unit assessed. In other words, if you live on a corner lot with streets on three sides, you will only be assessed for two of those streets. If your property has a street along the back yard, it will not be assessed for the improvement.

All properties with uses other than residential (multiple housing, institutional, commercial, and industrial) are assessed based on the actual street frontage being improved. The assessment rates for these properties are determined by the City Council each year.

Special assessment rates are set each year by the City Council based on past construction costs and inflation. For more information about special assessments for Golden Valley’s Pavement Management Program, contact the City's General Assessment Clerk at 763-593-8020.