Land Use

land use pie chart

Current land use in Golden Valley

Golden Valley is almost entirely developed for a variety of urban and open space uses. Here's an overview of how its land is used.

Residential: 48%

Residential development in Golden Valley is mostly single-family homes. Single-family neighborhoods are located throughout the city. Multi-family dwellings in Golden Valley range from affordable apartments to luxury condominiums.

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Commercial: 7%

Golden Valley is home to several large corporations that account for a large percentage of Golden Valley’s job base. Retail development is interspersed throughout the city.

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Future Land Use

Population in Golden Valley is expected to increase in the coming years, and housing and services are expected to accommodate that increase. Mixed-use development will be incorporated into future plans, meeting the needs for multi-family housing and access to transportation options.

Read more in Chapter 3 of Golden Valley's Comprehensive Plan.

Industrial: 8%

Industrial uses include some manufacturing-based industry but are mostly light industry and business.

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Institutional/Recreational: 25%

Schools, churches, government facilities, parks, and golf courses are integrated into various neighborhoods throughout the community. Theodore Wirth Regional Park, operated by the Minneapolis Park Board, is the largest park in Golden Valley.

Non Urban Areas: 3%

In addition to formal institutions and parks, three percent of Golden Valley’s total land use is open space and wetlands. Certain areas, such as those with steep slopes or poor soils, are not developable.

Open Water Bodies: 3%

Golden Valley is also home to several lakes and large bodies of standing water, including Sweeney Lake, Twin Lake, and Wirth Lake.

Major Highways: 6%

Major highways (four or more lanes) in Golden Valley include Minnesota Trunk Highways 55 and 100, as well as Interstate 394 and US Highway 169. While Golden Valley is dedicated to providing good highway and freeway access, it also strives to make itself conducive to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Land Use Regulations

The City's regulates land use through its zoning policies.