What is the financial impact of wider streets?

The following table summarizes the differences in costs between the 26- and 28-foot-wide streets. Beginning with the 2020 PMP, assessments are based on actual bids rather than projected.

Cost Differences

Cost & AssessmentSpring 2019 Projection2020 PMP Low Bid2020 PMP Average Bid
26 Feet Street Project Cost$ 3,350,000$ 3,355,481 (estimate)$ 3,779,347 (estimate)
26 Feet Assessment$ 7500$ 8285 (estimate)$ 9332 (estimate)
28 Feet Street Project CostN/A$ 3,501,481$ 4,013,347
28 Feet AssessmentN/A$8646$ 9,909

Note: $30 Admin fee not included in assessments.

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