What's Next?

Government & Citizen Participation

Envision has built a sense of community among residents and other stakeholders, and Envision volunteers worked hard to capture the richness and texture of the resulting visions. Although many of the ideas are complementary, some are in conflict. Some ideas and visions may be inexpensive and easy to implement, while others will require great expense, years of planning, and the cooperation of several public and private entities.

The City Council plans to use this Vision Guide as it sets goals and reviews proposals from citizens, developers, and other governmental units. But because many of the visions are about people and not government, citizens also need to take responsibility.

How To Get Involved

As an individual, you may be inspired by the Vision Guide. Please check each category in the Guide for ideas on how to learn more or work on your own to bring visions forward.

Envision Golden Valley also wants to encourage and enable cooperative, non-governmental approaches to making these visions a reality. This would allow you to get together with fellow citizens, neighbors, workers, or your club or organization to work on those parts of the vision that inspire you.

If you would like to be involved at this level, consider joining the Golden Valley Connection Project. Anticipated activities include:

  • Fielding and coordinating queries or responses to the Vision Guide
  • Creating ways to link individuals and organizations that wish to work on a vision
  • Educating individuals and groups on how to promote vision activities to the City Council, City staff, and community organizations

Following the original mission and objectives of Envision Golden Valley, the Golden Valley Connection Project could partner with the City to forward the vision in a number of ways. For example, the group could:

  • Create a speaker's bureau to present the Vision Guide to interested groups
  • Organize presentations on the Vision Guide for neighborhoods or organizations
  • Sponsor events to focus on community involvement with the Vision Guide

The Golden Valley Connection Project would provide regular reports of activity to the community and the City Council. For more information, or to get involved, call the City of Golden Valley at 763-593-8014.