The Complete List

A Report Team of citizen volunteers spent weeks sifting through the hundreds of ideas submitted in each Envision category, then used an affinity analysis process to organize the ideas into related groupings - 44 in all. This is the complete list of Transportation ideas. For the Vision Guide, the Report Team combined and restated the groupings, and selected ideas that inspired interest and action (see also Current Problems and Other Issues).

  1. Neighborhood Reconnection
  2. Priority Destinations
  3. Public Systems
  4. Smart Planning

Parkways / Trees & Plants / Infrastructure Beautification

  • Beautification of highways, roads, and right-of-way with consideration of lights, sound walls, minimal signs, and other road infrastructure: public art, boulevards, citizen involvement [5]
  • Environmentally sound road maintenance
  • Reinvest in infrastructure; focus on what city can do: infrastructure and sidewalks [2]
  • Grass boulevard between sidewalk and street
  • Put green parks over freeways
  • Expand lilacs, trees, landscaping of highways per city plan
  • Improve beauty of boulevards, streets, with flowers, plantings, trees
  • Remake Glenwood to a true parkway
  • Snowplow business first during week, homes first on Sundays
  • Improved paving material that resists icing and potholes
  • Utilize and develop environmentally better ways of maintaining roads. Heated roads.
  • Major street intersections, all sidewalks and driveway ends in Golden Valley are heated and de-iced during the winter by some means

Street Crossings / Under & Overpasses

  • Increase or restore crossings severed by highways; bike-pedestrian bridgeways over highways [2]
  • Submerge Highway 55 at Winnetka; a more friendly 55 through Golden Valley [2]
  • Provide better walkability in development areas; infrastructure changes for year-round pedestrian safety (trails and cross walks in commercial areas etc).
  • Heated, deiced sidewalks, drives and intersections
  • Emphasize year-round safety and convenience for pedestrians through the use of additional pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, skyways and tunnels, crosswalk over Winnetka, and other infrastructure changes. Increase number of pedestrian overpasses over Highway 55. [3]
  • Provide pedestrian-and bike-friendly streets and paths that are attractive, safe, well-maintained, and aesthetically pleasing. [3]
  • Re-connect Golden Valley Road across or beneath Highway 100.
  • Make roads safer for wildlife.
  • Speed bumps on neighborhood streets
  • Roundabouts to smooth traffic flow
  • Diamond intersections
  • No "unnecessary" curves in streets
  • Keep neighborhood integrity when widening streets
  • Private toll roads

Traffic Reduction

  • Develop neighborhood-friendly road systems to reduce commuter traffic in neighborhoods [3]
  • Wide use of synchronized "smart" traffic lights that can measure traffic flow and change their wait times [2]
  • Golden Valley employs collision avoidance systems.
  • Reduced neighborhood commuter traffic via friendly design
  • Reconcile with the inevitability of vehicular traffic; focus on excellence in design of roads; integrate highways into surroundings; decide how to relate to highways that serve and divide Golden Valley [3]
  • Create greater capacity for autos using current corridors (394/169/100/55) [2]
  • Shared roadways, raise awareness of and friendliness towards non-automobile "traffic" (bikes, pedestrians) and use markings on streets
  • Through streets, not just through highways
  • Traffic calming methods
  • Reduced heavy vehicle traffic on residential streets (one truck vs. many for garbage and recycling)

Parking Standards

  • Increase parking restrictions to improve maintenance, access and safety: no overnight parking and no on-street parking.
  • Increased on-street parking restrictions [2]

Noise / Light Pollution

  • Better street lighting [3]