Priority Destinations

Solving Transportation Needs

We consider individual priority destinations when solving transportation needs.

  • The community advocates regional collaboration on transportation issues.
  • The City, developers, and property owners encourage walkability in commercial areas.
  • Employers promote carpooling, off-peak commute times, telecommuting, and other traffic management methods.
  • Residents call a one-point transit dispatch system that matches riders (students, shoppers, elderly, commuters) with rides (cab, Rideshare, Metro Mobility, shuttle, bus).
  • Commuter hubs with indoor amenities and parking serve drivers, bikers, and transit riders.

The Complete List

  • Businesses
  • Entertainment
  • Methods
  • Neighborhoods
  • Options
  • Parks
  • Regional Trails
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Shopping
  • Traffic Management
  • Traffic Timing
  • Transit Centers
  • Transitions