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Effectively participate in the local process by understanding the issues. Learn more about public transportation, alternative transit, infrastructure, and emerging technologies through resources at local libraries and universities or online.

For more information about transportation issues in Golden Valley, call the City's Public Safety Department at 763-593-8079 or Public Works Department at 763-593-8030.

Things You Can Do Now

  • Walk or ride a bicycle on short trips in the city.
  • Use public or senior transportation whenever possible.
  • Talk with neighbors and friends to form carpools whenever possible.
  • Be aware and alert when driving through neighborhoods and near schools.
  • Use public trails and sidewalks for transportation and leisure.
  • Host a Neighborhood Watch traffic safety meeting to build awareness about individual responsibilities on local streets.
  • Volunteer to drive a neighbor or acquaintance for errands, etc.
  • Keep up-to-date on Minnesota Department of Transportation projects through their website.
  • Subscribe to publications covering transportation issues.