Nearly 900 people participated in Envision Golden Valley, sharing their ideas and hopes for the future of the community. Of these, 112 volunteered their time, talents, and energy to develop and implement the process for their fellow citizens. Thanks to everyone who worked on one of the eight subcommittees or as a facilitator (see complete list). Special thanks to the Steering Committee for its steadfast guidance and to members of the Report Team, who compiled, categorized, and combined the thousands of collected ideas from Envision into the material in this Vision Guide.

Envision Steering Committee

  • Don Anderson and Linda Loomis (co-chairs)
  • Mike Barnett
  • Helen Bassett
  • Gary Cohen
  • Jill Field
  • Dan Freeman
  • Gloria Johnson
  • John Kluchka

  • Gloria Kumagai
  • Bob Mattison
  • Pam Paulson
  • Bruce Peterson
  • Bob Provost
  • Dick Rudeen
  • Dee Schutte
  • Paul Snyder
  • John Yngve

Envision Report Team

  • John Kluchka (co-chair)
  • Bruce Peterson (co-chair)
  • Don Anderson
  • Gary Cohen
  • Margaret Eames
  • Betty Ann Gardner
  • Dan Hedlund
  • Betty Ann Gardner
  • Jim Heidelberg
  • Jim Heine
  • Betty Hill

  • Helene Johnson
  • Linda Johnson
  • Kathy Julius
  • Barb Klaas
  • Sharon Korstad
  • S Catherine McIntire
  • Margaret Macneale
  • Scott Mullert
  • Diane Mundt
  • Tim Murphy

  • Barbara Ndosi
  • Steve Paris
  • Paula Pentel
  • Laura Pugh
  • Charlie Quimby
  • Erika Schlaeger Dos Santos
  • Allyn Timmons
  • Mark Williamson
  • Karen Zais
  • Tom Zins

Envision Writing Team

Writing and editing by Diane Mundt, Tina Perpich, Charlie Quimby, and Cheryl Weiler. Graphic design by Siri Khalsa.