The Complete List

A Report Team of citizen volunteers spent weeks sifting through the hundreds of ideas submitted in each Envision category, then used an affinity analysis process to organize the ideas into related groupings-44 in all. This is the complete list of Recreation ideas. For the Vision Guide, the Report Team combined and restated the groupings, and selected ideas that inspired interest and action (see also Current Problems and Other Issues).

  1. Outdoor Settings
  2. Unique Places
  3. Outreach
  4. Community Hub
  • More bicycle paths and lanes and trails [21]
  • Trails for wheeled recreation and alternative transportation
  • Develop a complete trail and sidewalk systems that reaches all parts of Golden Valley, connects to parks and facilities (rest rooms, snack shops, shelter), and to other cities. [3]
  • Complete Luce Line connection through Golden Valley [2]
  • Build wider trails for low-speed transport use. [2]
  • Provide maps for bike trails and color coded signs for direction.
  • Regional bikeways.
  • Bike tours of Golden Valley
  • Public space next to Sweeney Lake [2]
  • Dedicated bike/roller blade paths
  • Be more bike-friendly, link to other trails
  • Increased access to lakes and other resources
  • Resident access to unattended park and rec toilet facilities via keys, access cards, or pass codes.
  • Recreation areas accessible by sidewalks for biking and walking
  • Improved access for natural physical fitness/recreational opportunities via better sidewalks/street lighting/pedestrian overpasses/improved safety
  • Better and safer connections to bike trails
  • Create trails in General Mills property.
  • Increase access to Theo Wirth, Medicine Lake, Luce Line, etc.
  • Make Twin Lakes area into legal nude beach with maintained parks and clean beach.
  • Increase the number of public fishing docks
  • Increase recreational utilization and access of all lakes.
  • Canoe access to Bassett Creek

Beautification of Recreational Resources

  • Make nicer pond at Brookview Park
  • Preserve all natural areas, lands, parks and provide for non-auto access
  • Make Brookview Park more scenic
  • Add fountains at Brookview park
  • Bike trails with screening plants
  • Improve landscape along Bassett Creek
  • Preserve and create green spaces like the trails behind General Mills
  • More trash can/bags available for pet owners on walking trails/parks.
  • Pet waste elimination system.
  • Birding and wildlife areas.

Parks & Athletic Fields

  • Develop a park for pets/off-leash dog park [10]
  • Make city parks into gathering spaces (add shelters, grills, picnic areas) [2]
  • Add circular paths around Brookview Park
  • Add ice rink to Brookview
  • Dedicated complexes for youth soccer and softball
  • Walking trails [7]
  • Skateboarding facilities [6]
  • Add groomed ski trails to golf course [4]
  • Disc golf course [3]
  • Community garden plots [2]
  • Add another golf course
  • More small neighborhood parks
  • Build a water park in Brookview Park
  • Water slide at Brookview
  • Create curling courts at a minimum of one park
  • Expand Brookview golf
  • Recreational skating rink for all types of skating
  • More skating (not hockey) rinks
  • Outdoor music at all skating rinks
  • Wiffle golf ball practice areas in local parks
  • Accessible play areas for disabled youth/adults
  • Outdoor activity area for small kids
  • Fenced areas with parks safe for young children
  • Expand cross country ski opportunities
  • Create a mini golf course
  • Trail bike course
  • Corporate sponsored maze made of boxwood and flowers
  • Paintball/airsoft
  • Create bocce ball courts in at least one park
  • Have a white water run for canoes/kayaks on Bassett Creek
  • Snow making capability to extend cross-country season at Wirth/Brookview
  • Public gardens
  • Develop city flower garden