The Complete List

A Report Team of citizen volunteers spent weeks sifting through the hundreds of ideas submitted in each Envision category, then used an affinity analysis process to organize the ideas into related groupings - 44 in all. This is the complete list of Government ideas. For the Vision Guide, the Report Team combined and restated the groupings, and selected ideas that inspired interest and action (see also Current Problems and Other Issues).

  1. Service Delivery
  2. Citizen Participation
  3. Responsiveness


  • Establish Golden Valley school district [5]


  • Partner with other cities and other public/private groups [17]
  • Expand reciprocity of services with other cities
  • Encourage city and business cooperation in redevelopment
  • Combine GV, Crystal, Robbinsdale, Brooklyn Center into one city [2]
  • Regional cooperation [2]
  • Merge services with surrounding cities
  • Partner with volunteer organizations


  • Non-volunteer fire department [2]
  • City-wide home alarm service
  • Cameras for crime prevention
  • Use neighborhood watch groups to support police and fire
  • Grow neighborhood watch groups
  • Community Service officers alleviate load on sworn officers
  • Low crime/safe community


  • Responsive [6]
  • Customer-driven [4]
  • City organized services to keep seniors living in their homes
  • More one-stop shopping
  • Community-driven setting of government services and service levels offered
  • Drive-through services
  • Water treatment plant


  • Decision making process that incorporates established vision
  • Promote Golden Valley [2]
  • Proactive
  • Welcomes and recognizes diversity
  • Create a unique Golden Valley