Other Issues

Although these ideas were brought forth in the Government category, the Report Team believed they belong in other Envision categories (see also The Complete List and Current Problems).


  • Connect Golden Valley Road again to reunite east and west GV
  • Added encouragement in city and business cooperation regarding redevelopment
  • Encourage the development of a city where we can Live, Work and Play. Encourage pedestrian transportation, provide more entertainment options (theater, arts, cinema, bars) and have more grocery stores. Meet needs of new families and younger residents by developing areas for "starter" homes that are priced competitively with surrounding communities. Reduce current emphasis on senior housing.
  • Fully developed global information system
  • More expanded, centralized, new City Hall with a drive thru
  • More autonomy from state control
  • Stillwater-like downtown
  • More affordable housing
  • Need a food coop, a decent place to buy quality gifts such as Crate and Barrel. Need interesting restaurants other than fast food chains. Encourage better little shops, teas source of St. Paul and another good bakery.
  • More public spaces with tastefully done retail. Facelift for shopping areas off of Duluth and 100 and Winnetka and 55. High end grocery story by 55 and Brookview
  • Crystal Heights development proposal will mean a 2.5% uncompensated increase in our park and trail usage due to projected population increase.


  • Reciprocity in recreation with neighbor cities - golf, swimming, community facilities, etc.
  • Add amenities that would be attractive to young families, such as a swimming pool, more young adult and youth oriented activities...community festivals

Community Engagement

  • Encourage schools and teen involvement in city projects, decisions and council activities
  • Encourage setup of Neighborhood Watch groups
  • Support neighborhood civic groups for busy parents
  • Encourage neighborhood groups to develop old fashioned sense of neighborhood - quarterly newsletters and semi-annual get-togethers.
  • Keep and add programs to keep in touch with youth such as safety camps and bicycle programs


  • Hub transportation center attached to city hall


  • City compost pile. How about a leaf pickup in addition to brush pickup
  • Better control of the wetlands areas on our eastern border - cars drive in there now and many trees in the Robbinsdale section have been chopped down for trail bicyclists to make silly jumps out of packed earth.


  • Reduced fees at the Country Club for low income residents
  • Government committed to the public good
  • Sewer smart - makes best use of the infrastructure
  • Let's be real to our children, stop being so P.C. Be honest with ourselves and our children. Don't play games with the citizens of G.V.