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Learn More

To effectively participate in local government, it helps to understand the process and the issues. Learn more through resources at local libraries and universities or online. Start with your City website for local updates and information.

For more information about Golden Valley City government, call the City Manager's Department at 763-593-8002.

Things You Can Do Now

  • Vote in every election.
  • Follow the work of local elected officials (the City Council and its Advisory Boards or Commissions, school boards, etc) by attending meetings or watching meeting replays on cable TV.
  • Watch Cable Channel 12 daily newscasts for coverage of local government, and check City Cable Channel 16 for information about meetings and community events.
  • Run for elected office or volunteer to participate on a government advisory board, commission, or task force.
  • Email or call elected and appointed officials with your questions, concerns, and opinions.
  • Attend government-sponsored open houses and information meetings.
  • Invite federal, state, and local elected officials to attend meetings you think are important.
  • Keep up with local issues by reading local and regional newspapers, including the City's official newspaper of record (SunPost), the City newsletter (CityNews), utility bill inserts and other City mailings, and the City website.
  • Support civic education for youth.

Tips for Effective Citizen Involvement

  • Golden Valley has a variety of methods to provide information and solicit your input on matters that concern you. Participate early, ask questions, and present your views to council members and at public meetings.
  • Whether dealing with elected officials, staff, or other citizens, be respectful and don't personalize differences of opinion.
  • Listen, and do your homework. Talk to neighbors about the issues so you can understand them from various perspectives.
  • Look at the big picture. Council members have to do what's right for the entire city. Try to tie your point of view to larger quality of life or community interests.
  • Be prepared to compromise. Stand up for your beliefs, but recognize that your neighbors are entitled to views different from yours. Intolerance poisons the commons.